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Woodland Creation (part of the Forestry Grant Scheme)

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  • Scotland


The fund aims to support the creation of new woodland that will bring economic, environmental and social benefits.

Fund manager & award size

Scottish Rural Development Programme, Scottish Forestry

The award size will depend on the project as the grant has nine woodland creation options with different payment rates that also vary between standard and target sites. There is an initial planting payment and subsequent establishment operation phased payments that can either be applied for as an annual maintenance payment for five years or in two capital item instalments. There are also a range of capital grants available for operations such as fencing and tree protection. See the fund website for additional details.


You must own or lease the land. If you are a tenant then a landlord’s declaration must be provided with your application. Further eligibility advice in the Forestry Grant Scheme full guidance.

How to apply

See the fund website for guidance.


Application deadline

Open for applications. See the fund website for updates.


This is a continuation of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme. Check the Scottish Forestry website for any changes to the scheme.

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