Our tool is a library of useful guidance to help support implementation of high-quality nature-based solutions. It has been compiled largely from external sources, though we also link to our own Agile guidance in the appropriate places.

There are three main filters for searching the library:

  • Guidance type or project stage: general, principles and standards, planning, governance, funding, implementation, ecosystem creation, ecosystem restoration, ecosystem management, monitoring and assessment, resource hub
  • Ecosystem: any ecosystem, woodland, shrubland, hedgerows, agroforestry, farmland, grassland, heathland, peatland, wetland, freshwater, ponds, rivers, coastal and marine, saltmarsh, seagrass, rewilding, urban
  • Challenge addressed: any challenges, climate change adaptation, natural flood management, climate change mitigation, food production, health, wellbeing and cultural value, air quality, water quality, biodiversity

This is not a comprehensive list of all available guidance, and other sources may also be available. We have tried to focus on a relatively small number of freely available high-quality guidance sources that will be of practical use in designing and implementing NbS projects in the UK, though some of the guidance is more widely applicable. It is mainly written guidance, but also some other resources such as assessment tools, GIS maps or resource hubs. We will continue to update the library as new sources emerge. Please let us know if you spot any broken links or other issues.

Open Guidance Tool