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Woodland Carbon Guarantee

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The Woodland Carbon Guarantee (WCaG) is a £50 million scheme that aims to help accelerate woodland planting rates and develop the domestic market for woodland carbon for the permanent removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Fund manager & award size

Forestry Commission

The award size is project specific due to the varying number of credits and their price. The price will be guaranteed through an agreement with the Government after an auction is held. However, if the price on the open market is better than the one in the contract it is possible to choose to sell to the open market without any penalties. See the scheme website for additional details.


The scheme is open to land managers who are owner occupiers, tenants, landlords and licensors, as long as they have control of all the land and all the activities needed to meet the obligations of the WCaG for the full duration of the contract. See the scheme website for additional details.

How to apply

See the scheme website for guidance.


Application deadline

The scheme regularly holds new auctions. Last auction closed on 21 May 2023. See the scheme website for updates.

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