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Woodland Carbon Code

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The Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) is the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK, and generates high integrity, independently verified carbon units.

Fund manager & award size

The UK Woodland Carbon Code Secretariat function is provided by Scottish Forestry, on behalf of the Forestry Commission in England, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Forest Service.

The award size depends on the specific project as the amount of credits varies based on project characteristics and the price of WCC carbon credits can change over time. See the scheme website for additional details.


Available for single or group projects, woodland creation on soils that are not organic (not allowed on soils with organic layer >30 cm in England, >50 cm in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), land that has not been under tree cover for at least 25 years and legal ownership of (or tenure) of the project area shall be demonstrated. See the scheme website for additional details.

How to apply

See the WCC website for guidance.


Application deadline

Open all year round. See the scheme website for updates.

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