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Small Woodland Grant Scheme

  • Created forest

  • Created habitats
  • Northern Ireland


The fund aims to support woodland creation on agricultural land and non-agricultural land. It will increase scope for the integration of a woodland component into an existing farm and other businesses and tree planting areas of 0.20 hectares and larger will be eligible. The creation of new native woodland which will contribute to biodiversity, carbon sequestration, improving air, soil and water quality and improved public amenity value.

Fund manager & award size


The award size depends as three different payment types are available: Establishment grant, Annual Premia, and Stock Fence Grant. See the Small Woodland Grant Scheme Information Booklet for further details.


Grants are available for land owners, including: all farmers, landowners and estate owners, charitable organisations, Local Councils (Establishment Grant Only). Government bodies and agencies are not eligible to apply for Forestry Grant Schemes. See the fund website for additional details.

How to apply

See the fund website for guidance.


Application deadline

The scheme is currently open for applications until 31 August 2023. See the fund website for updates.

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