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Nutrient mitigation credits

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The scheme helps developments demonstrate that they do no harm, so that they can go ahead. The methods created by Natural England use the latest evidence and bespoke catchment calculators to assess the site’s current nutrient status and the likely impact of any new development. This allows competent authorities and developers to identify the level of mitigation required to cancel out the additional nutrient pollution expected from a particular project.

Fund manager & award size

DEFRA, Natural England

The award size is case specific but, currently, 1 credit costs £1,825. See the scheme website for additional details.


Available to landowners, long-term leaseholders, tenant farmers, businesses or organisations that carry out habitat creation or enhancements. Currently, only available in the Tees catchment area. See the scheme website for additional details.

How to apply

See the scheme website for guidance.


Application deadline

The scheme is operational but at the moment only within the Tees catchment area. Natural England is investing in projects at other catchments too. See the scheme website for updates.

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