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Environmental Land Management- Sustainable Farming Incentive

  • Farmland

  • Created habitats
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  • England


SFI will pay farmers to adopt and maintain sustainable farming practices that can protect and enhance the natural environment alongside food production, and also support farm productivity (including by improving animal health and welfare, optimising the use of inputs and making better use of natural resources).

Fund manager & award size

DEFRA and Rural Payments Agency

The total award size will depend on the type, number and area under SFI actions. See the fund website for additional details.


Fund open to farmers and other land managers, further detailed guidance on eligibility in ELM 2023 update policy paper.

How to apply

See the Sustainable Farming Incentive Guidance collection for detailed guidance.


Application deadline

Open for applications. See the fund website for updates.


Launched in June 2022.

Last reviewed


Visit fund website