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Environment Fund 2023-2028

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  • Created habitats
  • Management
  • Protection
  • Restoration
  • Northern Ireland


The fund aims to deliver key environmental outcomes including: the protection, improvement and monitoring of priority habitats and species and fresh and coastal waters; the promotion of understanding, appreciation and action for the environment; and enhanced access to the natural environment with their associated benefits to health and wellbeing.

Fund manager & award size


For the Strategic Strand DAERA will not provide funding of less than £25,000 (so the minimum total cost of a project is £30,000). There is no maximum total cost of a project, competition for funding is expected to be strong. See the fund website for additional details.


Grant applications may be submitted by not for profit organisations or councils which will deliver measurable key environmental outcomes. Projects should deliver outcomes at a Northern Ireland wide scale, subregional scale, water catchment scale, be related to a designated site or on DAERA owned/managed natural environment sites. See the fund website for additional details.

How to apply

See the fund website for guidance.


Application deadline

The Strategic Strand of the EF has closed and is unlikely to open for applications again. In-year funding as part of Strand 2 and Environmental Challenge Competitions may open in the future. See the fund website for updates.


The EF closes in 2028.

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