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Environment Bank is working with hundreds of farmers and landowners across England to help them diversify their income with secure long-term payment through Habitat Bank creation. The scheme leases parcels of land, typically 20 hectares or more, co-creating a biologically diverse Habitat Bank that will play a key role in safeguarding nature and addressing biodiversity loss across the UK.

Fund manager & award size

Environment Bank

The award size is project specific. You'll receive a welcome fee, your first year's rent upfront, then annual payments for managing the land. Depending on the type of habitat created and its location, you can earn over £27,000 per hectare. The scheme covers all costs for establishing and managing the Habitat Bank, extending to legal fees, farming infrastructure and financial and tax advice where appropriate. See the scheme website for additional details.


The fund primarily looks for land in England with parcels totalling 20 hectares or above but land outside of these parameters might also be eligible in some cases. Usually look to utilise marginal or low yielding land. The scheme only takes a lease interest in your land, so you retain ownership. See the scheme website for additional details.

How to apply

See thescheme website for guidance.


Application deadline

Open for registration. See the scheme website for updates.

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