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Wildlife and Farming handbook


This handbook is based on 25 years of research by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) at the University of Oxford. There are nine chapters on habitats (field margins, hedgerows, woodland and scrub, crops, grassland, ponds, ditches, rivers and streams, and whole landscapes) and nine on wildlife groups (plants, butterflies and moths, beneficial invertebrates, small mammals, water voles and otters, brown hare, bats, amphibians and reptiles, farmland birds).

Each chapter provides a management summary, a list of relevant Countryside Stewardship options for each habitat/wildlife group, sources of more information and two Boxes giving WildCRU research highlights. Groups of chapters have also been published as standalone factsheets on the Agricology Research Hub (go to the Agricology Resource Hub (see separate entry), and use the filter for Organisation to extract the resources by WildCRU).


Guidance type/project stage

  • Ecosystem management


  • Farmland

Challenges addressed

  • Biodiversity
  • Food production

Source | Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) - University of Oxford

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