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European native oyster habitat restoration handbook


This European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Handbook aims to provide foundational and practical guidance on the restoration and conservation of native oysters (Ostrea edulis) and native oyster habitat across the UK and Ireland. The Handbook includes an introduction to native oyster restoration, information about starting a restoration
project, current methods of restoration in practice, biosecurity recommendations and an outline of how to effectively communicate a restoration project.


Guidance type/project stage

  • Ecosystem creation
  • Governance
  • Implementation
  • Ecosystem management
  • Planning
  • Ecosystem restoration


  • Coastal and marine

Challenges addressed

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Biodiversity
  • Food production
  • Health, wellbeing & cultural value
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Natural flood management
  • Water quality

Source | Native Oyster Restoration Network and partners

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