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Agile NbS Opportunity Maps: Description


The Agile Initiative has developed a system for generating maps of potential NbS and nature recovery opportunities using existing datasets and a series of simple rules. This is done using software written in Python, accompanied by a user guide. The user provides boundaries of the area(s) of interest, and the user guide provides instructions on how to download the necessary input data and run the software to generate the maps.

The mapping process requires a basic understanding of Python, access to ArcGIS, and a license to use Ordnance Survey Mastermap (OSMM). Local habitat data can be included if available. The system works anywhere in England, and we are extending it to use equivalent datasets from the other UK nations. We envisage that the maps could be used by local councils (especially for developing Local Nature Recovery Strategies), Local Environmental Record Centres, consultants, academics, Local Nature Partnerships, landowners, Farmer Clusters, Catchment Partnerships, and similar groups, provided that they have access to OSMM and ArcGIS.


Guidance type/project stage

  • Planning


  • Any ecosystem

Challenges addressed

  • Any challenges

Source | The Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School

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