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Advice on Sustainable Management of Coastal Shingle Resources


This report aims to inform better management of flood and coastal erosion management (FCERM) projects to maintain the biodiversity value of coastal vegetated shingle.

It includes a literature review to establish the value and role of shingle features and habitats in delivering FCERM in Wales, then describes the FCERM interventions potentially applicable to shingle beaches, structures and habitats, and the risk of negative impacts on shingle features and habitats as a result of FCERM interventions. It uses four case studies to illustrate different issues, historical management responses, and future options, and identifies best practice approaches for sustainable management of shingle habitats in Wales over the medium to long term, as well as requirements for baseline data collection and subsequent monitoring. It recommends minimising surface disturbance, and monitoring at regular intervals.


Guidance type/project stage

  • Ecosystem creation
  • Implementation
  • Ecosystem management
  • Planning
  • Ecosystem restoration


  • Coastal and marine

Challenges addressed

  • Biodiversity
  • Natural flood management

Source | Natural Resources Wales

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